Innovation Drives Design and Performance

The type of facility Eden is developing has never been built in the world before—an integrated nuclear reactor and hot cell facility totally dedicated to the production of medical radioisotopes. The Eden facility will have the capability to provide the needed isotopes in a cost-effective, safe, and reliable manner. Since the Eden facility will be located in New Mexico, we will be able to efficiently distribute these isotopes to radiopharmaceutical manufacturers throughout the US, with minimal decay losses.


Eden Medical Isotope Facility

Reactor Facility

Open Pool All-Target Reactor
Reactor Targets
Reactor Tank Cutaway
Reactor Core Cutaway

Hot Cell Facility

Hot Cell Facility Cutaway
Shielded Processing Boxes
Shielded Waste Packaging Area

New Mexico Site Location

Eden owns a 240-acre site near Eunice, NM

The Eden location was strategically selected to be part of a nuclear-friendly community

Waste Control Specialists (WCS) is located 3 miles away - a Class C low-level radioactive waste disposal site

Urenco USA’s fuel enrichment facility is directly across the highway – a gas centrifuge plant that provides uranium fuel for commercial nuclear power plants

Aerial Views

Our site is located in Lea County, NM
Eden Site Looking Towards the Southeast
Eden Site Looking Towards the Southwest