Executive Leaders


Chris Wagner

Chief Executive Officer

Has 40 years of extensive global experience in medical imaging, including various senior executive leadership and policy making roles in the industry.

Mr. Wagner has held Senior Vice President and Vice President leadership roles managing the nuclear medicine businesses with Nordion and Mallinckrodt (n/k/a Curium), with responsibilities in Sales, Marketing, Commercial & Manufacturing Operations, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Development, inclusive of global strategic planning and supply execution for Mo-99 at both companies. He also possesses deep commercial and technical working knowledge of the entire supply chain.

Dr. Ed Parma

Chief Science Officer
Directs all nuclear reactor and isotope processing-related activities including fuel/target development, Cintichem process development and improvement, and laboratory experimentation and testing, as well as all the work performed with the DOE national laboratories. Dr. Parma invented the unique all-target reactor concept and co-developed other Eden technologies. Dr. Parma’s 32-year career at Sandia included responsibility for the successful reactor modification in support of the 1990s DOE-sponsored Mo-99 medical isotope production program.

Travis Steele

VP & General Counsel

Serves as VP & General Counsel for Abo Empire, LLC, as well as several of Abo Empire’s portfolio companies. Travis is actively involved in the legal and business development activities for Eden Radioisotopes, LLC, Helios Environmental Advanced Technologies, LLC, Vara Assets, LLC, and Voltage Coffee Project, among others. Mr. Steele maintains primary responsibility for sourcing, analyzing, and negotiating all Abo Empire private investment activities.

Mr. Steele has extensive experience in corporate governance, acquisition and combination transactions and private business strategy and planning, including corporate formation, structuring, and organization. Prior to going in-house, Mr. Steele was a partner at Butler Snow, LLP, where he served as outside general counsel to a number of New Mexico and regional businesses in the energy, government contracting, healthcare, construction and manufacturing industries.


Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

Mr. Montano has more than 20 years of financial and investments analysis in startups and publicly traded companies. Prior to Eden Radioisotopes he was responsible for a variety of financial planning & analysis with Meow Wolf, an AI startup, Descartes Labs, along with other startups where he built and launched the first private cellular provider in Spain, Airtel, as well as another early AI startup that used semantic search for equity analysis. 

Mr. Montano has been responsible for more than $42mm of investments into early and mid-stage Internet technology companies in a $335mm venture capital fund. He has held board seats on several companies. Mr. Montano began his financial career as an equity analyst in an investment bank, focused on Internet technology companies in one of the first Internet equity research teams on Wall Street.

Jim Saldarini

Licensing Director

Has 50 years of project management and project engineering and licensing experience in support of a wide cadre of nuclear projects. He possesses expert knowledge of the requirements necessary to obtain an NRC license on time and within budget. Mr. Saldarini has held various senior management leadership roles throughout his career.

The licensing team also includes significant NRC management experience through Alexander Adams and Anthony Mendiola, both of whom were former NRC branch chiefs in the Research and Test Reactor Group, which oversaw the license review of the SHINE and the Northwest Medical Isotopes license application reviews.

Paul Schlavin

Facility Engineering Director

Is responsible for the design and construction of the Eden facilities and site infrastructure. His responsibilities include A&E project management, facility planning, and the Integrated Master Schedule. Areas of expertise include design, construction, and project management of nuclear facilities.

Mr. Schlavin has 39 years of wide-ranging experience in the design, construction and project management of laboratory facilities including the design and construction of Sandia’s Hot Cell modifications in support of the 1990s DOE-sponsored Mo-99 medical isotope production program.

Paul Helmick

Nuclear Engineering Director

Ensures the design incorporates applicable regulatory requirements and is responsible for managing the interface between the reactor and processing facilities. Activities include technical advancement of the fuel design, supporting qualification activities, and development of the initial set of the nuclear facility’s functional and operational requirements. Mr. Helmick’s 33+-year career includes combined experience at Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories where he was responsible for delivering mechanical system designs supporting reactor safety experiments at Sandia and nuclear testing activities at Los Alamos. Mr. Helmick served a key role during Sandia’s Hot Cell modifications in support of the 1990s DOE- sponsored Mo-99 medical isotope production program.

John Garcia

Laboratory Supervisor

Is responsible for the design, construction, and operation of all the Research and Development activities at Eden’s laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mr. Garcia has 32 years of experience at Sandia National Laboratories’ nuclear facilities. His expertise is in Hot Cell supervision, operations, and maintenance. John participated in the design of Sandia’s Hot Cell modifications in support of the 1990s DOE-sponsored Mo-99 medical isotope production program.