2019 Technology Transfer Competition for Excellence in Technology Award

In 2019, Eden and Sandia National Laboratories won a Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Mid-Continent Region and National Technology Transfer Competition for Excellence in Technology Award. FLC’s objective – technology transfer is the process by which existing knowledge, facilities, or capabilities developed under federal R&D funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. The FLC is the formally chartered, nationwide network of over 300 federal laboratories, agencies, and research centers that fosters commercialization best practice strategies for cutting-edge research technologies coming out of the labs and into the marketplace. FLC agencies include the Department of Defense (“DOD”), Department of Energy, and Department of Agriculture (“USDA”).
“This has been a stellar example of transferring Sandia technology,” said Sandia business development specialist Bob Westervelt, who worked on licensing the concept. “The team that worked on this from Sandia was really committed to making this work, and Eden is making it possible for the technology to move forward. The technology, which uses low-enriched uranium, also meets the Department of Energy’s goal to produce a reliable supply of Moly-99 without the use of high-enriched uranium.”