Eden’s Advantages

Unique Technology for Medical Isotope Production

Eden’s efficiencies, capacities, costs, reliability, and versatility will be superior to current reactors around the globe, which are few in number, were not designed for this purpose, and are plagued with age-related breakdowns and high operating costs, resulting in capacity limitations, supply chain disruptions and a progression of decommissioned sites.

Eden’s facility will have the capacity to service the global demand for Molybdenum-99, the main radioisotope for diagnostic applications, a $350M annual market. Also, the Eden facility will concurrently be the highest capacity producer of Lutetium-177, the most in-demand radioisotope ($4 billion annual market) for a rapidly emerging new pipeline of radiotherapeutics that target and destroy specific cancer cells without the systemic side effects of chemo or immuno-therapies. Presently, there are >25 new radiotherapeutic drugs advancing through the FDA clinical trial process. Novartis recently introduced the first FDA approved radioisotope therapy for prostate cancer, projected by 2028 to open a >$10 billion/year new market opportunity.